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Why Won’t My TV Aerial Work?

Getting angry and annoyed with your TV aerial? Don’t worry, we can help.

We know the frustrations of getting home after a long day at work, putting the kettle on, and sitting down ready to watch your favourite TV programme you’ve waited all day for, for your TV to give you a “No Signal” message.

Why won’t my TV aerial work? You probably asked yourself. Thankfully this blog post will go over some of the most common reasons why your digital aerial or antenna isn’t working as it should be and some of the things you can do yourself to try and get it working again. Or call us on 0800 210 0370 for free advice.

Why Wont My TV Aerial Work

TV Aerial not working, no signal

There are many reasons why your tv isn’t receiving aerial reception, and these can often be…

If your TV is giving you the dreaded “No Signal” message. First, check your TV is set to the correct source input. More often than not, people change their source to their Blue-ray player or games console and don’t change it back before turning off the television. If this hasn’t worked, and you’ve gone through all the different sources with no luck, then there’s more than likely an issue with your aerial or antenna. 

The aerial cable may have become disconnected

It’s not uncommon for an aerial cable to become loose or disconnected from your TV. Have a look at the back of your TV to make sure your aerial cable is connected securely to your TV. We advise you make sure all necessary cables are connected to your tv or set-top box.

Your TV may need Re-tuning

This is often the case when people move into a new house and lose signal. You will more often than not need to retune your TV so that is tuned into the transmitter that your antenna is aligned to.

Transmitters frequencies vary from region to region and your TV needs to tune into those frequencies for you to be able to pick up an aerial signal.

Moved your aerial from your roof to your loft?

People often experience tv signal issues when they have moved their aerial from their roof to their loft. This is often because it’s harder for aerials to receive the reception they need through roof tiles.

Is your aerial poorly positioned or facing the wrong way?

A simple check you can do is to go outside and make sure your aerial is facing the same way as the aerials on your street. If it isn’t, call us on 0800 210 0370 and one of our tv aerial specialists will be able to make the required adjustments.

Live in a rented property?

If you live in a rented property, click here to find out if tv aerials are a landlords responsibility 

Faulty TV aerial could be the issue

If you have lost TV aerial signal, then the problem could be down to a faulty or broken tv aerial. Over time, aerials can become faulty due to weather conditions or because they were never correctly installed in the first place. If your TV aerial was installed a long time ago (more than 10 years) it’s probably worth updating your aerial with a new one anyway. This is because of the changes in the way we receive TV aerial signals. Click here for more information regarding our tv aerial installation services.

There could be 101 reasons your tv aerial isn’t working. We highly advise you to call our specialist team of aerial experts to find the route of your problem. Our experts can often identify and resolve the problem on the same day as your enquiry. Call us today on 0800 210 0370 or fill out our quick contact form to your left and one of our specialists will be in touch.

If you don’t have an aerial, fear not. We have tv aerial installers in your area. Simply call us today for a free, no obligation aerial installation quote.

COVID-19 Update: We are still open and taking appointments. Our technicians will keep a minimum 2M distance from you and your family.