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What TV Aerial Do I Need In My Area?

What TV Aerial Do I Need In My Area?

An aerial installer near you can advise you on the type of aerial you need in your area.

To answer your question “What TV Aerial Do I Need In My Area?” simply reach out to us and our team of TV Aerial experts can advise.

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Do I need an indoor or outdoor TV aerial?

There are basically two options to choose from: an indoor aerial or an outdoor aerial. How to choose?

Indoor aerial

If you live within a 15 miles radius of the nearest transmitter, you can choose to have an indoor or outdoor aerial. Both will have optimal reception, but an indoor aerial is definitely easier to install as you don’t have to mount it. Do always check specifications to see the exact reach of each indoor aerial as there are aerials with a reach of 3 miles, 9 miles, and 15 miles.

Outdoor aerial

If you live in a 15 to 30 miles radius of the nearest transmitter, you should use an outdoor aerial for a crystal clear reception. Most common outdoor aerials are the Yagi aerials, but there are more easy to mount and more modern looking outdoor aerials as well. Do always check individual product specifications as reach may differ from 15 miles up to 30 miles.

You can also determine the type of aerial you need by looking at the houses around you. If most of them have an aerial, then you more than likely will need an indoor aerial.

If you determine you need an outdoor aerial, you will often require help from a professional. This is for safety and best setup reasons.The type of TV aerial you need depends on which is better for your home in relation to the transmitter.

If you’re having trouble identifying the right TV aerial for your home, then please contact us today.

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