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I have just moved into a New Property, there is no TV Aerial?

No problem! We can call and fit a new TV Aerial to suit your exact needs. Please call for a fixed price quotation and book your appointment.

I have just acquired an additional TV in my house, do I need a new Aerial?

Not necessarily a new Aerial, we can often take an additional Aerial feed off your existing Aerial or install a distribution splitter.

If I have my TV Aerial repaired, is it Guaranteed?

Yes. If we repair your TV Aerial, it will work perfectly and be fully guaranteed for one year.

My TV Aerial is loose or has fallen off!

We can often repair TV Aerials that have come loose. This can be a simple repair, however sometimes it is uneconomical to repair. A replacement may be cheaper.

My TV says “No Signal” or “Connect to a TV Aerial” when it was working fine?

Your Aerial may have become faulty or broken. We can help, you may need an Aerial Repair or even a new Aerial.

TV Aerial Installers Nottinghamshire

TV Aerial Installers Nottinghamshire

We’re a Nottinghamshire based Aerial installation company with many years of experience in the aerial installation industry. We are an ISO 9001 registered company, ensuring that we are a company you can trust, and ensuring that the customer is always 100% happy with our services, before moving on to our next customer.

Simply fill out the form to the left with your details, or call us on our free phone number 0800 2100 377 and you will benefit from our same day service.

Don’t be conned into a £49 Aerial!

As you’re looking for a new aerial, you have probably seen companies running ads on Google claiming they can fit you a new aerial for just £49 or even less. Unfortunately, this is an utter myth, and instead of getting a new aerial fitted, you will get a small, low quality aerial bolted onto your existing broken one. To find out more about the Aerial for £49 myth, simply click here.

Our Services

TV Aerial Installers Nottinghamshire

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Do you need a new aerial?

It’s well known that most households across the country currently still receive their television signals through an analogue aerial that is more than 10 years old. After ten years of wear and tear of being in the elements on top of a roof, viewers should consider replacing their existing aerial with a new one. Having an aerial that’s 10 years old or older could be causing you problems such as a scrambled picture, or maybe not even receiving signal at all. If this is the case, it would more than likely mean you need a new aerial as soon as possible. We can help.

What Can TV Aerials Do For You?

Our expert team of installers specialise in the fitment of TV aerials in the home or at the workplace, supplying a high standard of service to everyone of our customers. So if you’re located in the Nottinghamshire area and are looking for a well trusted and proven company to fix or install a new aerial to your property, then please make sure you give us a call today on 0800 2100 377, or fill out the contact form to your left.[/showhide]


COVID-19 Update: We are still open and taking appointments. Our technicians will keep a minimum 2M distance from you and your family.