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I have just moved into a New Property, there is no TV Aerial?

No problem! We can call and fit a new TV Aerial to suit your exact needs. Please call for a fixed price quotation and book your appointment.

I have just acquired an additional TV in my house, do I need a new Aerial?

Not necessarily a new Aerial, we can often take an additional Aerial feed off your existing Aerial or install a distribution splitter.

If I have my TV Aerial repaired, is it Guaranteed?

Yes. If we repair your TV Aerial, it will work perfectly and be fully guaranteed for one year.

My TV Aerial is loose or has fallen off!

We can often repair TV Aerials that have come loose. This can be a simple repair, however sometimes it is uneconomical to repair. A replacement may be cheaper.

My TV says “No Signal” or “Connect to a TV Aerial” when it was working fine?

Your Aerial may have become faulty or broken. We can help, you may need an Aerial Repair or even a new Aerial.

HD Points

For Help with any HD-HDMI Installation or Set up,
please call free on: 0800 2100 377.
Or fill in our online quote form.

Why choose HD Services from TV Aerials?

hd tv pointsA full HD system will give you the ability to watch full HD programmes and also use blu-ray dvd, Sky HD boxes, different TVs and even CCTV if you want to. There’s just too many to list!

With the intervention of digital HD TV and advancement of technology it is now possible to have not only several TV points around your home, but you can also watch several items of digital equipment around the home at the same time; all in HD and 3D this is called a HDMI cat6 matrix system. This is the only way you can distribute true HD signal.

These systems deliver HD signal over cat6 data cable allowing the ability to not only watch full HD programming but also use several sauce devices ie HD set top boxes, Blue-Ray DVD, mulit Sky HD boxes etc, on different TV’s over the network. You can also integrate CCTV, security devices and home audio to complete the package.

A further advantage with a matrix installation is we locate all the source devices together in one location keeping your TV‘s looking clean and cable free.

Regarding cost, like most technology, it has tumbled down and is now very readily affordable, or you could build your network over time by starting with a simple matrix and adding additional components as and when you require.

HDMI Single HD Extension points

hd tv connectivityYou can also just have a single HD extension point, watch true HD on both your TV’s from one sauce device, ie sky box etc

HDMI Combinations, Totally Versatile

HDMI networks can be built and designed for any combination of equipment – from several source devices to one TV or one source device to several TV’s. HDMI distribution is totaly versatile and can be designed to suit your needs. Please, don’t be confused, if you have any questions regarding HDMI please call us. This is simple plug and play technology.


COVID-19 Update: We are still open and taking appointments. Our technicians will keep a minimum 2M distance from you and your family.