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Aerial Repairs

No problem! We can call and fit a new TV Aerial to suit your exact needs. Please call for a fixed price quotation and book your appointment.
Yes. If we repair your TV Aerial, it will work perfectly and be fully guaranteed for one year.
We can often repair TV Aerials that have come loose. This can be a simple repair, however sometimes it is uneconomical to repair. A replacement may be cheaper.
Your Aerial may have become faulty or broken. We can help, you may need an Aerial Repair or even a new Aerial.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having poor TV reception and bad picture quality. Not being able to watch your favourite programmes is annoying so if you are experiencing problems then TV Aerials can help. At TV Aerials we pride ourselves on our same day local friendly service, and can usually attend your property on the same day of your telephone call. Our Aerial repairs and servicing engineers are brilliant at fixing any signal problems you might be experiencing.

As you’re on this page, I’m guessing you’re asking yourself “Who can help me with my TV aerial repair near me?”. Thankfully, we can help. Not only are we professional, we offer affordable TV aerial repair services.

All Types of Aerial Repairs and Upgrades:-

For TV Aerial Repairs
please call free on: 0800 210 0370.
Or fill in our email enquiry form.

Is Repairing the Aerial Best Policy?

Sometimes repairing a product can be a false economy, however not all repairs are caused by something being worn out, they can just become faulty, therefore a repair can be the best course of action.

Is Replacing the Aerial Best Policy?

When something has broken or failed, this can often be a perfect time to look what’s new on the market, and consider upgrading or replacing. With a replacement, you get the peace of mind that all is new, reliable and also, under guarantee.

Is there a company who can help with my TV Aerial Repairs near me?

You bet. Here at TV Aerials, we serve almost all of the UK. To find out if there is a local aerial repair technician, please call us Free on 0800 2100377 Or fill in our email enquiry form.

How to fix a TV Aerial?

It’s very tempting to try and fix your own TV Aerial, however, this can often be dangerous and performed incorrectly. That’s why it’s always the best policy to employ the services of a professional aerial repair company.

Click here for TV aerial installation.

COVID-19 Update: We are still open and taking appointments. Our technicians will keep a minimum 2M distance from you and your family.