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What does 4G mean to you?

4G roll out in the UK is at a pretty advanced stage so any of us with a 4G device can start to enjoy the benefits it can give us.4G

EE have rolled out 4G to 200 towns and cities now and the other networks are catching up as well. Chances are that if you live in a major UK city you can start reaping the benefits of 4G now if you get yourself a 4G device!

So what does 4G mean to you and me?

Well, basically it’s about having faster internet on the go. This means the ability to surf the web, download and watch HD videos, receive app updates and upload high resolution images much faster than we have ever done before.

Buffering should be a thing of the past with 4G because it uploads large files as quickly as your home web connection. This means you can put your pictures on social media swiftly and watch HD videos on public transport.

From a work perspective, 4G should also be a huge bonus. You will be able to get into websites quicker, open large email attachments and work on presentations whilst you are on the commute. How lucky are we!

Having access to data on tap is what 4G should give us. No more wasting time waiting for things to load. It’s here to make our lives more convenient…at home or in the workplace.

At the end of the day 4G is now going to make us all better connected…and that can only be a good thing!

What does 4G mean to you?
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What does 4G mean to you?
What Is 4G and What Does It Mean To You? Find Out Here.
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